Foundation Repairs & Helical Solutions

Surface foundation cracks may be signs of foundation settlement or a more serious condition that needs to be examined by a licensed professional. Ease your mind by setting up your appointment today for your free no obligation inspection and quote. If your home or building is situated on unstable soil, A. B. Chance® Helical solutions can fix that! Foundations that are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage will lead to shifting foundations and may result in structural damage to your home and a loss of your investment.

No matter the complexity of your foundation damage, we promise to renew the integrity of your home with our affordable, dependable foundation piers. Our precision drilling to the stable soil does not disturb the building or surrounding areas allowing us the proper sized area to install Helical peirs or piles to stop settling and cracking of your foundation. Your home's damage, the weight of the home, and local soil conditions will all lend to preparing your FREE no obligation quote and plan of repair.

The most affordable foundation solution...

Helical Piers are installed independent of the structure and do not rely on the weight of the structure for installation. Instead, the weight of your home is transferred to the installed helical bearing plate. We do not POUND into the ground for deep foundation solutions. We use a patened torqueing system that montitors and gently screwes to the bearing soil to reach the load bearing capacity. The attached shaft or screw anchor becomes foundation that will both resist uplift and support the bearing load. The piers are installed beneath your home's foundation footing and then driven into bedrock or stable soil - thus preventing movement or shaking of the sturcture. NO HEAVY equipment is required so access to backyards and other sensitive areas can be reached with confidence.

foundation inspections

  • The MOST Affordable & COST Effective Solution Today!
  • The average foundation repair takes 2-3 days
  • Does not require huge space access
  • Steep sites & ledges are no problem
  • Quality service & fast installation
  • Minimal excavation with precision drilling
  • Perfect for areas in shallow water tables
  • Perfect solution for caving or shrink/swell soils
  • Multiple or single blads to achieve proper bearing
  • Upload images of your project on our contact form!

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The A. B. Chance Company requires contractors to be certified by Chance Company Instructors for installation of the Helical Piers in underpinning applications. Their products and our work stand together to offer each homeowner a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Should your foundation need adjustment in the coming years, we'll do it for FREE - Just give us a call. All work is fully documented and even transferrable to the new homeowner.

Why Our Products Are Superior:

Foundation problems, like settlement or stair-step cracked bricks may need a deep foundation solution. Proper planning and care is of the utmost importance to our services.

  • There is no preferred time to correct foundation issues. We can't work in heavy rain or iced ground areas, but we can definitely arrange a schedule to accommodate your busy schedule and the weather. Don't wait too long after your free estimate to arrange the work - your foundation is shifting as we speak!
foundation inspections

Our professional licensed inspector inspects exterior and interior areas to take elevation readings of these spaces. With the structural elevation readings we create a complete image of what stresses are being forced upon your home. Finally, a detailed plan and repair quote will be designed and the inspector will explain all aspects of your home’s foundation solution.

Our Customers have been delighted with our completed work and timely service that our reputation has been based on since 1983.
Preparing the work space is an essential element to our inpection as we accomodate the surrounding areas. We even contact and Ms.Utility before foundation repair begins. Solid Foundation Solutions will keep your foundation area clean and put back to normal. In areas of restricted height and access, Helical piles are an excellent solution with the added benfefit of not having any spoil material to dispose of.

foundation inspections

In regards to plants in the site of excavation, you should probably have someone transplant them in holding untill the proper time to replant them. We pride ourselves on clean, neat and tidy work areas.

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